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My first project was a bookshelf. After making some designs, I ordered the wood at the local woodshop and had it sawed exactly to the dimensions I needed. The complete shelf has been made of MDF (medium density fibre), the five vertical planks habe a thickness of 22mm, all others 18mm. I build the complete bookshelf in the garage of my parents, which is shown in the next pictures.

The following pictures show the mounting mechanism of the horizontal planks. (1) is a small metal bracket, which is not only a support plate, but also gives the bookshelf its lateral stability. The brackets are mountet in the side panels using special screws (2). The holes in the side panels are 32mm apart. This is standard for furniture and is also the gap between the holes in the rail for the router. This makes the bookshelf very flexible when choosing the hights of the horizontal planks. Finally every plank has four small plastic parts (3) as counterparts for (1).

I tried to photograph the complete bookshelf, but the room was too small, even when using a wide-angle-lens.

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