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Vereniging 2.0


Menu system


The menu system is based on an xml file, in which the structure of the menus is defined. To ensure that the xml file is correct, I defined an XML-scheme, which can be used to validate the xml file, e.g. with Eclipse.

Every main and sub menu has the following structure:

<MainMenuEntry> / <SubMenuEntry> 
</MainMenuEntry> / </SubMenuEntry> 
Element Meaning
LinkName  Link text in the menu
PageTitle  Title of the page which is called by the link
URI  Link to the page to be opened
UserRight  User right which is needed to show this menu text

Database menus

Beside the fixed defined menus, it is also possible to define menus which are generated from the content of database tables. With this you can for example generate menus for every committee or every status.

Element Meaning
DatabaseTable  Name of the database table
DatabaseField  Name of the database field, of which the elements have to shown as menu elements
URI  Link to the page which has to be opened. This page is called with the table and field name and the content of the field as parameter. In this case, this could be link view_persons.php?committee.name=board.
UserRight  There are two ways to define the user right needed to show this menu. The first way is identical to that of the other menus: just write the right which is needed to view all values from this table. The second way allows to define rights per menu entry. To do this, DatabaseTable.DatabaseField.* has to be written, so in this case committee.name.*. Then the menu system searches for the right DatabaseTable.DatabaseField.Value, in this case for example committee.name.board. Only when this is found, the menu is shown.

To make the navigation easier, not the entire menu structure is shown. Visible are only the main menus, and the sub menus of that section in which the user currently is.

Menu structure

Currently the following main menus are defined:

  • Start pagine
  • My data
  • View persons
  • Club information
  • Administration

Start page

This page shows all user rights the current user has.

My data

Here the user can view and edit his own information

View persons

This contains all lists with members, non-members and other people, sorted by function, status, etc.

Club information

Tho pages with information for members and information for board members.


In this menu all settings of Vereniging 2.0 can be viewed and changed.

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