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Wall mount for e-bike charger

The battery charger for Koga Testa e-bikes, which can also be used for e-bikes from Batavus, Sparta and others, has been developed to be used on flat surfaces. It is however often more practical to hang the charger on the wall. For this purpose I developed a simple wall mount.

Wall mount


Here you can download the drawing of the wall mount. It is constructed from 2mm thick, 15mm wide aluminium. Two pieces of 275mm and 325mm are cut from an aluminium bar. Then four 2.5mm holes and one 4.5mm hole are drilled. On the following pictures the holes are drilled at a later point in time, but it is easier to do this now. When drilling pay attention to the position of the 2.5mm-holes, which have to be alligned perfectly when the two pieces are put over eachother as a cross.

Wall mount

The next step is the bending of the bars. The short bar is bent 90° at two places, the long one at 4 places. Since the charger has enough space in the wall mount, it is no problem when the bends deviate 1-2mm from the drawing.

Wall mount

The final step connects the two pieces using two 2.5mm blind rivets. The flat side of the rivits is put on the outside, so the wall mount can be put flat on the wall.

Wall mount Wall mount
Wall mount Wall mount

Wall mounting

Finally the wall mount is mounted on the wall using a 4mm screw. In this case, the wall is that of a steel garage, so a small wooden block is used for the mounting of the wall mount.

Wall mount Wall mount
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