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80552 µC-Board A small µC-board using a 80C552, which is in-circuit-programmable because of its flash-EPROM. There is also RAM, an external watchdog with voltage-supervisor and an I2C-interface.
Mainboard for 80c552-Board This mainboard is a mother board for the 80c552-board, which adds several functions to it, like EEPROM-memory, RC5-interface and display-interface. Although this board has been designed for my digital preamplifier, it can also be used for other projects.
digitally controlled preampifier This is a project on which I'm working on fpr some time now because a lack of spare time. I hope it will be ready by the end of this year.
Poweramp Some information about my power amplifier.
Making printed circuit boards On these pages, I show how I make printed circuit boards.
Tools Here you can see some of the tools I use (e.g. logic analyser).
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