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Side plate
Top cover



The sideboard rests on an base, which is on all sides about 5 cm smaller then the bottom plate. This makes the base invisible and it looks like the drawer is hanging. The base consists of two long planks, which are connected by four cross-beams. On the picture below you can see how the long plates have been milled and glued onto the cross-beams.

Base of the sideboard

Base of the sideboard

Bottom plate

The bottom plate consists, like the entire sideboard, of 18 mm MDF. It is connected to the base with six connectors. The following pictures show the bottom side of the bottom plate and the connectors, with which it is connected to the base. The connectors are from the Minifix-series of Häfele. The connecting bolts are screwed into matching plactic dowel, which is driven into a hole in the plate. The Minifix housing (the round parts) are put into six matching holes in the base and are screwed down after bottom plate and base are put together.

Base of the sideboards


The picture below shows the bottom plate from the other sind, after it is screwed onto the base. The milled groove, which can be seen on the left of the picture, is for the back planes, so they don't have to be screwed.

Base and bottom plate built together
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