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When I moved into my new appartment, I needed a desk, a big one :-) After visiting some furniture stores, I decided to build one myself. The result can be seen on the pictures below.

The table consists of two parts, a main and a side table, which are built in the same manner. The following picture shows the table from below. The desk top is made of 18mm MDF, on which I glued another 18mm strip, to make it look better from the side. The desk top lays on two stanchions, which are supported by a cross plate. All joints are the from Ikea well-known skrews (a long skrew with a ball-shaped head, which is pulled into opposite plate by a circular disk). The joint between both tables is also supported by a strong metal plate.

As a specialty I used a cable feedthrough on two places.

For the desk I also build a container on wheels. This is constructed in the same way as the other parts. All joints are made with the screws I described above. The drawers are also made of MDF, 18mm for the front panel, the other part of 9mm MDF. I used cheap rails, which allow the drawers to be pulled out of the container.

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